Top 10 Best Controller For Playstation 2 Games

For the avid gamers out there, having the best controller for your PlayStation 2 games is as essential as winning and losing. The abundance of controllers available makes the selection task hard.

The digital platforms where some of these controllers are on sale show the true extent of the difference in variety as you can sort out through a lot of items on sites with the click and drag of a mouse.

Our article in a way swoops in to most importantly bring to your attention some of the best PS2 controllers in consideration of various factors such as the overall design, compatibility, and price among a string of other factors.

Top 10 Best Controller For Playstation 2 Games

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#1.Orda Wireless Gamepad Controller

Orda Wireless Gamepad Controller

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The ORDA wireless controller is one of the best in the market. A lot of considerations had gone into the design—the existence of a new3.55 mm audio jack and touchpad as proof of this. The audio jack enables easy plug-in of head-sets to game without bothering others and, at the same time enhancing the game experience with better sound intimacy.

The high precision D-pad ensures that the smallest of finger touch counts in the game. The dual shock vibrators offer instant game feedback.

  • Anti-sweat non-slip design
  • New 3.55 mm audio jack and touchpad
  • Comfortable design to minimize fatigue

#2. Snes Wireless USB Controller For Classic Games

Snes Wireless USB Controller For Classic Games

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[Azonasinid asinid =”B07XXQPLBW”]


This is an inexpensive game controller and it’s also smaller than other controllers and more than fits your palm. Snes Wireless USB Controller has broad compatibility with other devices and is a preferable choice for playing super classic games.

Moreover, there is hardly any additional setup required when connecting the controller. A new user needs to be aware that due to its smaller dimensions, the controller definitely has a lower weight feel on the hands, but it should not be a concern as the product performs.

  • Extended battery life
  • Broad compatibility with devices accepting USB input
  • Smaller size making it easy to carry

#3. GC30 Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Controller

GC30 Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Controller

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[Azonasinid asinid =”B07DXQ46T8″]


This controller is on the range of the higher-priced models. You get your money’s worth with the features of this PlayStation 2 gamepad controller. The well-advanced analog sticks ensure seamless movement in scenarios of tracking the enemy movements and maneuvering vehicles.

GC30 Wireless Gaming Controller is a welcome relief to enthusiastic gamers. The dual vibration on the gamepads allows haptic feedback and allows touch simulation of various instances in the game, such as driving on a gravel road or gun recoil after shooting.

  • Dual vibration for enhanced game feel
  • Advanced rechargeable battery
  • Impressively made analog sticks for better movement

#4. ZD – V+ Wired Gamepad

ZD - V+ Wired Gamepad

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[Azonasinid asinid =”B00OAYHIRA”]

By: ZD

Another impressive controller for your PlayStation 2 games. ZD – V+ Wired Gamepad identifies devices automatically. Has instantaneous vibration feedback to enhance the gaming effect. Moreover, the non-slip joystick ensures that sweaty palms in no way interfere with your maneuvering abilities.

The pad is well designed with high-quality material. While its D-pad is well designed and spaced. This helps in fighting games such as Tekken, where directional movements are very key in successfully eliminating the opponents.

  • Non-slip joystick
  • Vibration feedback for better gaming experience
  • Improved controller design reduces fatigue when gaming

#5. Burcia Wireless Controller For PlayStation 2

Burcia Wireless Controller For PlayStation 2

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[Azonasinid asinid =”B07YHZSMPK”]

By: Burcica

It seems that wireless is the way to go for most controllers as it allows the gamepad to be less cumbersome and improves the user gaming experience. The gamepad comes equipped with two different motors that may vibrate differently to have the maximum gaming effect in double shock games.

In addition to this, the gamepad supports both digital and analog games. It perfectly fits the palms, all thanks to its design. The 2.4GHz wireless receiver ensures uninterrupted connectivity and seamless gaming session.

  • Wireless receiver
  • Double shock effect for double shock games
  • Eight action buttons with pressure sensitivity

#6. Cacella Wireless Controller Compatible With Sony PlayStation 2

Cacella Wireless Controller Compatible With Sony PlayStation 2

[Azonasinid asinid =”B076QFT98Q”]

[Azonasinid asinid =”B076QFT98Q”]

By: Cacella

Cacella Wireless Controller has 2.4GHz wireless capabilities. The issues of twisted and tangled up controller cords are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The auto-detect feature allows easy setup of the controller. Moreover, the dual shock vibrations add an improved gaming experience compared to earlier gamepad versions.

Another cool feature of this device is the ergonomic design of the analog stick and the directional pads that ensure that the palm and fingers sit well on the pad to minimize fatigue for extended gameplay.

  • Twin shock vibration
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wireless connectivity for remote control

#7. BE -1 Wired Gaming Controller

BE -1 Wired Gaming Controller

[Azonasinid asinid =”B07ZYZP1WW”]

[Azonasinid asinid =”B07ZYZP1WW”]

By: be1

BE -1 Wired Gaming Controller has full compatibility with various devices and operating systems such as Windows 7 and 10. Contrary to most gamepad controllers with asymmetrical control layout, this controller has its button and joystick layout to be asymmetric to ensure a very comfortable thumb position.

The USB cable extends for about 2 meters. Moreover, the dual shock vibration makes the game more profound and more exciting. This is a highly recommended PlayStation 2 controller available on various platforms.

  • Dual vibration for enhanced game feel
  • Ergonomic shape and layout of the controller
  • Longer USB enabling easy charging

#8. Saloke Dual Shock Wireless Controller For PS 2

Saloke Dual Shock Wireless Controller For PS 2

[Azonasinid asinid =”B0761VKZ1B”]

[Azonasinid asinid =”B0761VKZ1B”]

By: Saloke

Saloke Wireless Controller supports dual shock games, whereby its two different motors perform different vibrations to achieve that almost surreal gaming effect. In addition to this feature, the built-in 2 force feedback, eight action buttons, and pressure-sensitive twin analog sticks and analog thumbs enable this PS2 controller to have an elevated feel.

Moreover, the controller supports both digital and analog games, which aids a lot in ensuring that the game is not locked out in either game choices.

  • Dual vibration effect for dual shock games
  • 2.4GHz wireless connectivity
  • Control your favorite game using the 8 action buttons

#9. USB Wired Gaming PC Controller

USB Wired Gaming PC Controller

[Azonasinid asinid =”B07CGR4SDP”]


This PlayStation 2 controller is relatively cheaper than other gamepads. The easy plug-and-play setup allows for the smooth start of gameplay once a user has acquired the controller. The weight distribution is slightly uneven hence the different feel in the palm of your hands.

Ist buttons are well placed and are not rickety when pressed. Additionally, the six and a half feet cord ensures that the user assumes a comfortable position in front of the gaming screen.

  • Well placed button setup
  • Easy plug and play installation feature
  • First well and allow a firm grip

#10. USB Wireless Gaming Controller For Gamepad

USB Wireless Gaming Controller For Gamepad

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One of the most well-placed controllers. This controller has a streamlined and very fashionable appearance to it. It has 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. Besides, it has strong compatibility with various devices and also supports android games.

The controller has two pieces of double-A batteries, which may optimize its power-saving modes for longer gameplays before recharging. Its USB feature is effortless to connect, but it should be noted that the device to be joined must support the OTG function.

  • Ergonomic design and layout
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Broad compatibility with various devices

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