Top 10 Best Device Universal Remotes

At the start of the technological revolution, television was the only device that required the use of remote control. However, as time changes, various home entertainment devices adopt the use of remotes. Multiple remotes for multiple devices posed a significant challenge of using them efficiently as and when required.

Therefore, a solution surfaced after the creation of a single remote that integrated all the multiple devices’ operations onto an extraordinarily more jumbo remote. Furthermore, it poses a challenge in the complexity of the operation of these remotes as smart homeowners need these devices for complete home control.

Our Top 10 Best Device Universal Remotes review aims to more than sufficiently aid the user in selecting the most suitable universal remote.

Top 10 Best Device Universal Remotes

# 1. Logitech Harmony Smart Control

Logitech Harmony Smart Control

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Check Price On Amazon

By: Logitech

A vital feature of this remote control is that it comes integrated with a receiver known as the harmony hub. Additionally, the harmony hub enables the remote device to pick up radio frequency signals from the remote into IR or Bluetooth commands that the Tech devices can understand.

Besides, the remote control supports over 270,000 devices from over 6000 available market brands in its database. Subsequently, the database support dramatically minimizes the chances that the remote control will not recognize the house device.

  • Over 270,000 devices recognized in the harmony database
  • The simple layout allows easier use
  • The efficient option of smartphone control

# 2. Logitech Harmony Elite

Logitech Harmony Elite

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Check Price On Amazon

by: Amazon Renewed

The Logitech harmony elite remote control has more extensive functionality. The device easily allows you to have integrated support and control up to fifteen devices. Moreover, it is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and allows control of more than just the entertainment devices.

Internet access may allow it to control the ”internet of things” enabled devices such as lights too. The limited functionality of keypad remotes is eliminated in this remote with its touch screen feature and voice recognition controls.

  • Supports up to fifteen devices
  • Seamlessly synchronizes your devices
  • A special feature of motion-activated backlit buttons

#3. Caavo Smart Tv Remote And Control Center

Caavo Smart Tv Remote And Control Center

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Check Price On Amazon

By: Caavo

Caavo smart tv remote is technically considered the first universal TV remote control for one’s entire home entertainment system. The voice-activated control feature allows easier and efficient control of your home theatre devices connected to the TV.

These devices include the soundbar and game consoles. The initial Caavo Smart TV remote setup is easy.  All you will need is to plug in everything connected to your TV into the control center, and the intelligent control takes care of the rest.

  • Voice control
  • AI-powered universal remote for easier control
  • One search option across various streaming platforms

#4. Logitech Harmony Companion

Logitech Harmony Companion

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Check Price On Amazon

By: Logitech

The Logitech Harmony remote allows easy customization to best suit user need. On the occasion that your devices are hidden at home, they can be accessed by the remote using the harmony smartphone app. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity is required in these instances.

All that you need is the first mobile set up to access the devices. There is an exercisable option of using Alexa for integrated voice controls. Logitech Harmony Companion allows maximum control up to eight home entertainment devices.

  • Controls a variety of devices
  • Amazon Alexa for voice recognition and control
  • Full internet access

#5. RCA – RCR503BZ-3-Device Palm Size

RCA – RCR503BZ-3-Device Palm Size

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For users seeking comfort in the hand-held device matched with a lower number of supported devices, this is your best choice. The remote only controls up to three devices, also, its design fit perfectly into one’s palm.

RCA RCR503BZ Remote creates a sense of elevation of the remote in that it supports more than one device. Moreover, its colored keypad illuminated the buttons and improved gaming experience, and yet it’s size may have led us to learn more on the contrary.

  • Colored keypad
  • Controls up to three device
  • Auto manual and direct product code search

#6. RCA- RC313BR Big Button Three Device Universal Remote

RCA- RC313BR Big Button Three Device Universal Remote

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By: GE

RCA’s three remote controls are compatible with the most recognizable brand devices. The backlit keyboard is purposeful for use in dark rooms. The lit keyboard also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the remote.

Moreover, the device has a function of controlling a variety of satellite, cable, and streaming devices. Compared to other universal remote brands, this is on the lower scale as it supports up to three devices. However, it’s not necessarily bad as every product has its market niche.

  • Controls up to three devices
  • Integrates remotes of most manufacturers
  • Streaming control enabled

#7. GE Backlit Universal Remote

GE Backlit Universal Remote

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Check Price On Amazon


Controls up to four components and it is also compatible with major household brands such as LG Toshiba and Sharp. One-touch control enabled devices such as DVD and soundbar. This device is occasionally recommended for use with Samsung devices as it is highly compatible.

The purpose of the master volume for synchronized multiple devices is very convenient and easy to operate once set up. The backlit keypad feature has become a prominent feature in buttoned remotes for more comfortable use in dark rooms.

  • Leading remote-control brand
  • Supports up to four devices
  • Backlit keypad

#8. Inteset 4 In 1 Universal IR Remote

Inteset 4 In 1 Universal IR Remote

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By: Inteset

For the users who are heavy on streaming services, INTESET IR Remote is one of the most suitable remotes on the market. Everything from the design to the device compatibility is all aimed at seamlessly working with the most popular streaming devices.

For a lower price than most universal remotes, you get your money’s worth. The remote is adaptable in the sense that if a device is unrecognized at first, its information is easily programmed onto the remote to allow compatibility.

  • One button press control
  • Complete device code database.
  • Full led lighting buttons

#9. Philips Universal Companion Remote Control

Philips Universal Companion Remote Control

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Philips Universal Companion Remote Control allows multiple component control and supports up to four devices, including televisions and DVDs. The remote control is highly compatible with well-known brands. Furthermore,  the remote won the innovative award-winning design- a CES 2020 Innovation award honoree.

In essence, this goes without saying that the remote design is flawless without diminishing its capabilities of being a reliable universal remote. The device is easy to use and only requires that initial setup.

  • Easy setup and control
  • Multi-device control
  • Satisfaction assurance

#10. RCA 4 Device Remote Control

RCA 4 Device Remote Control

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RCA 4 device remote control supports up to four devices. It has an ultra-slim design, which makes it aesthetically pleasing and a good feel on the palms. The fully backlit keyboard enables use in dim rooms or even at night when you don’t need to switch on the lights to illuminate the remote controller.

The device is highly compatible with streaming devices such as Apple plus and other devices within a ten-foot range. Furthermore, its design enhances operation, and you’ll love it.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Four device support
  • Requires two batteries

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