Top 10 Best Movies On HBO Now

With the rise in Television networks, there is competition as far as market control is concerned. As a result, these companies strive to provide the best movies to attract their intended views. The truth is getting the best movie on HBO max isn’t easy as there are lots of episodes you need to catch up with. However, you can also find the best movies on Netflix, Showtime, and Hulu. Most of these movies are unique, and they will keep you entertained the whole time and enable you to learn. So, let’s look at the top 10 best movies on HBO now.

Top 10 Best Movies On HBO Now

#1. The Russian Assassin Book #1: A Max Austin Thriller, Kindle Edition

The Russian Assassin A Max Austin Thriller, Book #1 Kindle Edition

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By : Jack Arbor

Max Austin, a former KGB assassin, enjoys a life full of peace and harmony and all these changes after his mother dies imminently. Moreover, the series of events forced him back to the life he wanted to forget. However, he has to unleash his past to keep his family safe. A brutal attack forces our star to save his neck and uncover his father’s past secret to protect those he loves. What happened to the nephew and sister of Max?

  • Filled with a series of unfolding events
  • Comes in kindle editions
  • Published on June 11, 2016

#2. The Mustang (2019)

The Mustang (2019)

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The Mustang (2019) tells a story about Roman Coleman, aka Matthias Schoenaerts, convicted in a rural Nevada prison. The flow of events also shows how he struggles to escape from his past life to become a better person. However, he meets an unbreakable mustang (Marcus) in the Social Rehabilitation Program. He also gets the opportunity to interact with Jason Mitchel, a trick rider and an outgoing inmate. Bruce Dern, a no-nonsense veteran trainer, also helps Roman to discover his true self.

  • Available in DVD format
  • The best movies on showtime
  • Friends can impact your life positively

#3. The Attack #3: A Max Austin Thriller (The Russian Assassin Series)

The Attack A Max Austin Thriller, Book #3 (The Russian Assassin) Kindle Edition

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Think of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; that’s the kind of terrific bombing attack that happened in the West Brompton neighborhood. Who is the terrorist behind the bombing? Well, the authority has turned against Max Austin, and he is the target of an international manhunt. He can’t redeem himself while the authorities are on the hunt for his head. So, he has to find the bomber, a journey that takes him through the London streets, Chechnya mountains, and the Spanish countryside.

  • It’s among the best movies on Hulu
  • The best HBO series
  • Kindle Edition format

#4. The Pursuit #2: A Max Austin Thriller (The Russian Assassin Series)

The PursuitA Max Austin Thriller, Book #2 (The Russian Assassin) Kindle Edition

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Max Austin, a former KGB Assassin, runs for his life, and he also needs to keep his family safe. Moreover, he has to find justice for his parents by finding whoever killed them. His fight for survival and ravage is quite intense because he is fighting concealed and visible foes. Moreover, Max partners with his adversary to survive; funnily enough, his mortal enemy turns to be his confidant. However, Max doesn’t know who to trust though he must stay.

  • 374 pages thriller book
  • Available in Kindle Edition format
  • Dynamic, high-voltage & page-turning thrills

#5. The Hunt #4: A Max Austin Thriller (The Russian Assassin Series)

The Hunt A Max Austin Thriller, Book #4 (The Russian Assassin) Kindle Edition

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The hunt is the fourth episode of the Russian assassin series. Max Austin, a former KGB assassin, is used to making hard decisions that put his life and family at risk. He has to decide whether to save his family or his friend. However, he takes a long journey into the Turkish dessert, the streets of Washington, DC, and the Alleyways of Cyprus. His enemies are a step ahead of him. Will he save Kate Shaw, or will he fail this mission?

  • Comes in kindle editions
  • 354 pages full of fantastic events
  • Page flip enabled

#6. Cat & Mouse: A Max Austin Short, The Russian Assassin

Cat & Mouse A Max Austin Short (The Russian Assassin) Kindle Edition

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In this scenario, you’ll meet our star, Max Austin, a former KGB assassin who lives comfortably in Paris. He manages a Jazz Club when not plying his trade. Also, he offers his services by helping eliminate the world criminals from the face of the earth.

As he enjoys doing his duty, he meets a lovely woman who resembles his former fiancé. However, he finds himself in an assignation plot that targets his city-the city of light. What will he do to stay alive?

  • Available in Kindle edition
  • Includes 99 pages
  • Published on June 11, 2016

#7. Steel Force (Book 1): A Jack Steel Thriller Series (Kindle Edition)

Steel Force A Jack Steel Action Mystery Thriller, Book 1 (A Jack Steel Thriller Series) Kindle Edition

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Jack Steel is a Black Ops expert whose stance for justice and his stands are about to cost him his life. He feels horrified when he discovers that the mission ahead is to terminate a room filled with innocent civilians. When he saw it fit to save the mysterious monk, he created an enmity that made all the US intelligence hunt him down. However, Jack receives help from a counterterrorism analyst to investigate the truth about the unauthorized operation.

  • Kindle edition format
  • Contains 399 pages
  • Educate on dangers of upholding justice

#8. The Nazi’s Son: Book 5, A Joe Johnson Thriller

The Nazi's Son a US Russia spy conspiracy thriller

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Joe Johnson (ex-CIA war crimes investigator) heads to Berlin to interrogate a Russian deflector. What’s impressive is that these Russian deflectors have information about the 1980s La Belle Nightclub bombing and the Russian mole responsible for leaking confidential information. On the way, he is pursued by a Russian oligarch Yuri Severinov; what is wrong? Why does Stasi’s intelligence and ex-KGB prevent Joe from knowing the truth? Well, Joe and Jayne Robinson (ex-MI6 colleague) meet and work together to unfold the secrets.

  • Kindle edition format
  • 436 pages thriller story
  • War, betrayal, and love themes displayed

#9. The Abyss #5: A Max Austin Thriller (The Russian Assassin)

The Abyss Max Austin Thriller, Book 5 (The Russian Assassin) Kindle Edition

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Max and Kate are resting on the snowy woods-Colorado on one Christmas eve. It’s this time that violence strikes and they have to run to save their lives. Their father had held secrets touching the CIA, China’s Ministry of State Security, and MI6. Will they have to sell these secrets to buy their freedom? There are deep secrets of the Russian black ops in the documents, and Max never knew his father was involved in all these menaces. Now, he has to stay alive at all costs.

  • The best movies on Netflix
  • Published on November 10, 2020
  • Available in Kindle Edition

#10. Emma (2020)

Emma (2020)

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This is one of Jane Austen’s best books about finding your equal as you earn your happy ending. Emma Woodhouse is handsome, intelligent, and also rich and with no rivals in her town. It also depicts the challenges of social class, and the pain people experience while growing up. Moreover, Emma has to undergo romantic misstep and misguided matches before getting the love of her heart. Funnily, he has been there all along.

  • Bonus includes deleted scenes and a gag reel
  • Available in DVD format
  • 2hr. 5min run time


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